What do we mean by "elevate" a space? Essentially, when we talk about elevating living rooms, we envision spaces that exude effortless harmony. Every aspect, from the rug to the lighting, has been thoughtfully considered, resulting in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing whole without appearing overly styled or staged. No particular shape, color, or print dominates the room, yet every element beckons for attention.

Now, how does one go about elevating a living room without the need for a complete overhaul?

Stylish Living Space

green shades

Sophisticated interiors are often characterized by deep green shades, which provide an instant elevation to a living room. Introducing colors into your major furniture pieces ensures that they become the focal points, even when the rest of the room follows a soft palette. In case you are not considering new couches, opting for a deep green rug or a luxurious accent chair can produce a similar effect.

To truly elevate your living room, begin by establishing a distinct design theme and color scheme. Make early decisions about the focal points that will take center stage in the room. Implementing striking lighting fixtures is also a guaranteed method to enhance the living room's ambiance. Mindful of proportions, incorporate several light sources throughout the space to achieve the desired elevation.


Elevated spaces are infused with personality, character, and depth. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully assess the items you introduce into your living room. Ask yourself: Does each piece resonate with your personal style? Does it hold significant meaning for you? Furthermore, consider how it will contribute to the overall ambiance of the room and how harmoniously it will complement the rest of the space. Deliberate choices will ensure a living room that truly reflects your essence.

Ensure that the space boasts a captivating narrative or story, and let all other elements seamlessly intertwine with it. Prioritize investing in exquisite, timeless, and meticulously crafted furniture that has been constructed with utmost care. Remember, you don't require an abundance of furniture; instead, carefully select pieces that hold significant meaning to you and contribute to the storytelling of the space. Our preference lies in sourcing distinctive, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from the past or mid-century era, as they carry the charm of treasured heirlooms, each with a captivating story waiting to be unveiled!

avoid being too led by trends

To create a truly captivating and distinctive room, avoid being swayed solely by passing trends. Embrace diversity in your interior design by amalgamating various elements, thus evoking a sense of collected beauty over time. Rather than adhering strictly to one design trend, incorporate a harmonious blend of different finishes, textures, and a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces. The artful use of texture will elevate your space, infusing it with intrigue and charm. Furthermore, to add that extra touch of design finesse, let your creativity shine through in styling your space. Adorn your coffee table and bookshelves with delightful accents such as flowers, coffee table books, decorative pieces, or dainty sculptures. In doing so, your room will exude a charm that feels both timeless and uniquely yours.


Don't make it too easy for the eye, the best living rooms never have an obvious place for you to focus for long. An easy way to achieve this is to vary shapes and sizes. Don't let too many pieces sit at the same level, be sure to sit things at different heights within the room. And create interest with shapes too, choose curvaceous silhouettes that will create a softness and effortless flow to the room. Designing a beautiful living room is a great opportunity to get creative and express your interests and design style. 

First, consider the overall color scheme of the room and choose colors that flow together and create a cohesive atmosphere. 

Then, pick out eye-catching furniture pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes to create interest. Consider adding unique accent pieces, such as artwork and decor, to give the room more personality. 

Finally, add in a few statement pieces, such as a rug or a chandelier, to bring the room to life. With careful thought and selection of your living room lighting you can create a stunning space that is sure to be both stylish and functional.


Utilize the valuable space of your living room shelving to effortlessly elevate the room's ambiance without the need for new investments. To curate the perfect shelving displays, adhere to three essential pieces of advice: steer clear of even numbers, incorporate varying heights, and leave some negative space to avoid overcrowding.

Embark on a creative journey by crafting new vignettes. Identify a captivating nook in your living room, awaiting a design transformation. This space could be blessed with abundant natural light or serve as a seasonal surface, like a mantel. Take a moment to reimagine your bookshelves and discover ways to restyle them for maximum visual impact.

A single carefully chosen object has the power to bring life to a forgotten corner.

Change your lighting

To enhance your living room's design, consider incorporating statement pieces such as unique furniture or eye-catching artwork. This technique will elevate the overall appearance of your living room, creating a captivating focal point and adding depth and visual interest to the space.

Additionally, paying attention to living room lighting can significantly impact the ambiance. Install bold overhead lighting fixtures to draw the eyes upwards and generate visual intrigue. By selecting the appropriate pendants, you can transform your living room into a luxurious and stylish area that reflects your personal taste and style.

If you already have a light fitting, a simple yet effective way to make a significant change is by opting for a new shade in an irregular shape. This small adjustment can make a big difference in refreshing the room's look.



There's a lot of talk so far about the simplest way to elevate a living room is to ensure your room tells a story. It's considered, without looking overly so and every piece in the rooms has something unique about it. A simple way to create a narrative with your spaces is to mix styles and eras. Even if you are drawn to one look or period of interior design, create some small contrasts in your space by adding aspects from outside that style.

Balancing considered pieces of artwork alongside a mix of both old and new furniture really helps to elevate a living space, creating a luxurious feel. As well as helping to define the character of the space, this also introduces a narrative which ultimately reflects your personal lifestyle and taste.