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About Souk Collective

Souk Collective is a carefully curated assembly of beautiful furniture and home wares sourced both globally and from here in New Zealand.

Our collaborations with talented craftspeople from around the world have brought together an inspirational collection that reflects the importance of the relationship between the artisan and their creation. Souk Collective has an eclectic style - elements of bohemian, rustic, industrial and Scandinavian are married in a relaxed style that fit's beautifully with our laid back NZ ethos.
Making style affordable for everyone is our passion. And to do this we travel the world looking for pieces that are unique, and effortlessly stylish.


We love wandering far-off places.

Palm shadows on plastered walls. Lush foliage and hot sand. Weathered ruins and old doors. Icy vistas and cosy fires.

And we love coming home.

Warm wood. Cool marble. Luxurious hides. Tactile fabrics. Soft leather. Beautifully crafted. Globally sourced.

A curated fusion of Scandinavian, tribal and rustic influences.

Welcome Home.

Welcome to Souk Collective.