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Make the best first impression in your entryway with these finishing touches

A crucial aspect of interior design lies in the final embellishments – those subtle additions that can elevate an already chic space to a state of completion. While they hold significance in all areas of the home, it is often in the entryway that we unintentionally neglect their importance. We tend to prioritize larger spaces within our homes where we invest more time and energy.

Nevertheless, the entryway serves as the point where initial impressions are etched, whether it be in the effort to make guests feel welcome or to provide a soothing ambiance as you step inside after a long day at work. A well-crafted entrance sets the tone for a home's overall ambiance, creating a captivating sense of arrival. Here, we present five effortless entryway ideas for those final touches that can instantaneously transform the space.

Stylish Living Space


Greenery in a vase is the ultimate finishing touch when all other aspects of design have been taken care of. It brings a freshness and lushness, whether that's a trio of bud vases with single-stem flowers, a trailing plant that cascades down, a jug of fresh cut flowers or a larger indoor tree that can bring some height. 
A minimal console table adorned with your favorite foliage instantly elevates the entryway into a refined and welcoming environment.


To really elevate your entryway, use the sense of smell to take your design to another level, creating a welcoming feeling and subtle atmosphere to match your style. 

Candles on the entryway console table or shelf can release a calming aroma, while diffusers do the same job and don't have to be monitored as a potential hazard, making them better entryway decor. It's a small finishing touch that goes a long way. 

3. Curate your console table decor

Creating a captivating arrangement in your hallway serves as a crucial final touch that harmonizes the entire space. When executed effectively, console table decoration not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also establishes a captivating ambiance, extending a warm welcome to your guests.

Contemplate the focal points deliberately. Employ symmetry, harness the allure of odd numbers, play with varying heights, and incorporate repetition.

When applying these principles to your entryway table, analyze its surface by dividing it into two sections. Evaluate what occupies each side of the table and strive for a sense of symmetry between them. Avoid placing bulky items on one side without a corresponding balance on the other.

Embrace the power of odd numbers as a key recommendation. Designing with even numbers or pairs can often appear overly contrived and overly curated. Three items form an ideal number for your decorative objects, while exceeding five can create a sense of visual clutter. Lastly, the concept of repetition involves incorporating identical colors and textures within your vignette.


No matter the size of your entryway, consider introducing some soft elements into the area. Benches placed snugly against the wall in entryways present an ideal chance to add a cozy throw blanket or arrange a collection of decorative throw pillows.

Even though entryways are typically not associated with seating zones, the mere hint of a lounging area can infuse a sense of warmth and hospitality into the space. In compact entryways, the inclusion of a rug underfoot can contribute to a softer ambiance by introducing texture.

5. Remember lighting

Finally, let's not forget about entryway lighting, a crucial element for our list. While it's accurate that hardwired lighting may not initially be seen as the finishing flourish, wall sconces and ceiling fixtures usually take precedence during the design phase. However, these supplemental accent lights can indeed be seen as the final embellishments. Consider, for instance, a petite table lamp gracing your console table, casting a warm and inviting glow over your decor. Alternatively, picture a floor lamp positioned in the corner, adding a touch of architectural elegance to the area.