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All our leather is genuine full grain semi aniline leather. Good quality, full grain leather recognises that each piece is unique. It doesn't try to disguise or cover up the individual markings and variations. Instead, full grain leather pays homage to the inherent and beautiful markings, which are simply a result of the life led by the animal.
Insect bites, stretchmarks, wrinkles, scratches, brands and scars on the animal will translate to markings on the finished leather item, and are not considered defects.

To help protect your new furniture against wear and tear, stains, bacteria and colour fade Souk Collective strongly recommends the services of Premium Surface Protection.

Unlike other fabric/leather guards, the products used by Premium Surface Protection are professionally applied and provide permanent protection with only a single application.

Non-toxic and non-allergenic Premium Surface Protection will ensure that the perfect product to protect your furniture is used.

If you choose to have a professional furniture protectant applied by Premium Surface Protection, you can still use specially formulated leather conditioner.

Depending on usage, we recommend leather furniture is conditioned every 3 - 6 months.

  • Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. New Zealand has some of the harshest and most damaging UV rays, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will have an adverse effect.
  • Dust your furniture on a regular basis with a soft cloth or vacuum with a soft brush, as dust, hair and grit over time will be abrasive on the leather.
  • Immediately clean any spills using a slightly damp cloth, be careful to dab, not rub or use excessive amounts of water.
  • Do not use household cleaning products including detergents, oils, furniture polish and saddle soap on your leather furniture, and keep products containing ammonia or alkalines away from your furniture as it can damage the leather beyond repair.
  • If you do use cleaning products or protection cream, specifically formulated for semi-aniline leather, always pay careful attention to the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Always lift furniture when shifting it. Do not drag, push or tilt onto it's end when moving, as this could loosen joinery and damage the furniture.
  • Periodically rotate and plumb cushions and pillows to minimise signs of wear and loss of shape.

Contact Premium Surface Protection directly for a free quote.

Phone 0800-001-069

Email info@premiumsurfaceprotection.co.nz

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