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Product Care Leather


  • Dust and vacuum regularly.
  • To minimize fading and prevent cracking, place your leather furniture where it won't be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Rotate and fluff removable cushions regularly to ensure even wear and increase longevity.
  • Feather and down cushions have excellent recovery, but much like down comforters or pillows, need to be fluffed more frequently to restore their loft.
  • Leather will naturally stretch with use, adding to its comfort and character.
  • For water-based spills, use distilled water and a clean white cloth. You may also use leather cleaning products. Test in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Do not use water to remove oil-based stains. Blot with a dry, clean, white cloth. The spot will dissipate into the leather over time.
  • Use a leather conditioner periodically to protect and maintain your furniture.