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Peacock Chair Whitewash

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An Icon. The original 'comeback kid.' Only the coolest people get to sit in a Peacock Chair.

Brigitte Bardot likes Peacock Chairs. Be like Brigitte.

"Though the argument could be made for Eero Arnio’s “Ball Chair” the coolest chair of all time is the “Manila” or “Philippine,” better-known-as the wicker peacock chair. The chairs which originally came into vogue in the United States in the early 20th Century when they were imported from the Phillipines, became a staple for photography studios as well as parlors and smoking rooms in wealthy homes. The throne-like chair, made of sturdy but lightweight material, was valued for its exotic look." - Christopher Bickel for Dangerous Minds






  • Expertly woven natural rattan
  • Sustainably made in Central Java
  • Has the unique ability to make ANYONE look regal


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